The Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the popular serials which has entertained a huge audience. Throughout the previous years, there are many things that made fans curious to watch every fresh episode of the story. The character of Simar and Aarav is the lead role of the story and the fan following is appreciable. Here is the written update of the upcoming episode which will be telecast very soon. Let’s start the article with numerous twists.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th December 2021

The episode will start with Reema when she is coming inside her room and she sees that Sandhya is standing there. She tries to pretend like she is on a phone call with Indu. She is saying not to cry. Reema says on a phone call that I will come there and definitely I will convince Simar to get married again. Also, she says, that will tell her that she has no such option left except this. She has to move on in her life. Aditi asks her and says shall I go out. Simar nods her head. Aditi comes back and hugs Simar she says you shall not worry and everything will be fine one day.

Aarav taking an auto to reach his home. He reaches home in Auto and runs inside. He immediately goes to Sandhya’s room. Reema stops Aditi and asks her if everything is fine or not? Aditi says yes and says she thought to go out. Reema asks her to go and think you were not alone in the room. Aditi sees Aarav and calls him he comes to Sandhya and she says it is good that you come back. He asks her that why did you do this? now Simar is going to get married.

Sandhya asks him did you think about Simar? Aarav is just looking at her and she says you have to move on now and see she is now ready to get married again. But you are still thinking about her. Sandhya says if her life is ruined then can you bear this burden. Definitely, not possible that’s why I am telling you that you should move on in your life. Now we want to tell you that the full episode will be telecast on Colors Tv and you can watch it online on Voot also.


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