At the beginning of the daily soup, Sasural Simar Ka 2, the story will reach to the peak. The makers are ready to bring the spark all over the country as the story will not make any viewer bore while watching this amazing daily soup.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

The show is going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot all over the country. We know that many people are curious to know more information about the upcoming episode. The story will be going heat up the intact environment in which all the stars are going to give their best in every episode.

The upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will begin with Aditi saying that Gagan just left two minutes ago. She is already starting to miss him. Then she smells something from the kitchen. She goes to the kitchen and sees that the khichdi is burnt. She tells Simar that the khichdi is burnt. Simar gets shocked hearing this.

She sees the condition of the khichdi. Aditi says maybe the khichdi is burnt from below. Here Sandhya is distributing sesame seeds to everyone. Shobha asks him for laddus which are made of white and black sesame seeds.

Here guests are waiting to eat. He also asks Reema to sit with him but Reema refuses. Simar on the other hand thinks about what will she do now. She says that she cannot send guests from here on an empty stomach.

Aditi feels that it is all the fault of the elders of her house as they have given so much work to handle her. Aarav and Vivaan come there and ask Simar if the khichdi is ready. Aditi tells them that the khichdi has burnt due to high flame.

Vivaan says if they don’t serve food then there will be a mess. Aarav thinks that he should invite Ganesh to the restaurant and have khichdi. Simar did not like his idea. Aarav illustrates to her that they have to get food for the guests. He calls Ganesh restaurant and orders khichdi. But the restaurant owner tells him that such orders have been placed a day before as he cannot make khichdi for now.

Aarav gets disappointed. Here Reema also calls the restaurant and gets the khichdi ordered. She asks them to send some waiters too. Here Sandhya enters the kitchen and is shocked to see the fake khichdi. If you want to watch the full episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 then it will be going to air tonight.


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