The most entertaining and twists-filled serial is here and we want to explore all the details about an upcoming episode. This is the written update of the upcoming episode where you will see the extreme level of suspense. As we have seen in the previous episode that Aarav reached Simar’s house.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th December 2021

He entered the house unexpectedly and everyone was shocked to see him. So let begin the written update of 14th December 2021 which is important to discuss before the episode is telecast on our screens.

As per the promo, the episode starts with Aarav when he is sitting in the car and imagining some things. Suddenly someone rings the horn of the car and asks him to move his car. While on the other side Sandhya says that hopefully again we are becoming Samdhi and our children tie us in this beautiful relation.

Indu signs yes and smiles. Aarav walks and suddenly falls on the road. He gets up again and starts walking. Gagan calls Aditi and says everyone is ended, Aditi.

Reema and Vivaan get tense. Gajendra thinking to go and see who is there outside. Aarav pushes the door from the next side. Suddenly because of the force door is opened. Aarav standing at the entrance and everyone is shocked to see him. Simar was also shocked to see him.

Aarav looks at Samar. Indu goes to the in-house temple and takes Simar from there. Gajendra comes and holds Aarav’s hand. He takes him to the outside of the house. Everyone looking that what is happening there and what is going to happen now. Simar prays god to make everything good and in control.

Gajendra asks Aarav why did you come here? Aarav tells him that I did not come here. I want to meet Simar and talk to him. Aarav says I want to talk to everyone and I will not go without telling my views in front of everyone. Even he tells him that it will be good for you to not stop me.

Gajendra says it’s too late to control everything and bring Simar back into your life. He says I know very well but I will stop this marriage for any condition. For further information, you can bookmark the page in your browser and get all the details briefly. Stay tuned with us and get all the updates.


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