Sasural simar ka 2 is the most famous and utmost watched tv serial. As we know the previous episode started with Vivaan when he will call Badi Maa to ask about the case. He asks her to take back the case very soon. Aarav requesting her again. While on the other side Gajendra asks Aarav not to behave like a kid and argue for unnecessary things.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 31st August 2021

Aarav says to his father to take back the case. After a moment later Aarav comes on the screen saying to Badi Maa that he going to take divorce Simar and she will leave the house after 15 days.

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The upcoming episode is full of twists and turns in the story. You will simar going to face huge problems. As you all know current whole family is unhappy because of Papa Ji. The case is not taking a good turn and the problem is not over for the family members.

Also, as we saw in the earlier episode that when simar and Aarav tried to go out the suddenly Badi Maa came to the place and asked them to where they are going. Both were interrupted by her it was a moment when both were shivering because of Badi Maa’s anger.

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This upcoming episode begins when Aarav is standing in the witness box and he is in the dilemma as to what to do now. There will conflict and you can assume that Geetanjalu Devi is ready to face off against Simar’s family.

Both getting argued each other but the decision by Judge will be based on the statement given by Aarav. That’s why the lawyer continuously asking him to say the truth and doesn’t get fear because of anyone who is available in the courtroom.

There are numerous things going to happen in this latest episode and that’s why we recommend you to watch the serial. If you watch the serial then you must know about the event that will take place. It will air on Colors Tv at 06:30 PM. Even you can watch the tv serial on Voot also. Share your amazing feedback with us to get more updates.


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