The episode starts with Aarav telling Chitra that they all are his enemies and asks her to save him. Chitra asks him not to call them enemies and asks him to see Badami, Sandhya, and Gajendra’s love and care and says you will get love in your family. She says I never thought about family, it was a misunderstanding. Badi Maa calls Chitra and comes near her, She says If you save Aarav’s life, so thank you for that.

sasural simar ka 2 22nd december 2021

Now you can go from here, it’s our family matter, and will handle it. Arav says to Badi Maa why are you talking to her like that, she saved my life.  Chitra asks Aarav not to talk Badi Maa like that. You will see in the episode Giriraj apologizes to Badi Maa, he says I am standing with Chitra because she is right. Then Arav says she never Forgives you, She is Badi Maa. He says nobody will get Forgiveness, Chachi, you, or Simar.

Samar says we have reached according to the location. Simar says why did Arav Ji call me here. Vivan says to Giriraj I missed you. Chitra says I am sorry, I couldn’t prove my innocence and she says she is not a bad person. Reema thinks well-played Sasuma.

Then Chitra and Giriraj leave from there. Aarav says Badi Maa never forgives anyone. He says even if Simar walks on the burning coal then also she will not blink her eyes. He stumbles during going to the room. Badi Maa gets angry.

Samar says to Simar you can talk to Aarav, but I can’t leave you alone. Simar says I want to end everything. She says him to stay outside. He thinks about the simar and he feels love for her. Another side, Indu tells to Avinash that Gagan is missing. Giriraj’s goons bring to someplace and keep Durga petha card in his pocket. Indu goes to simar’s room and Simar missing as well and Samer too.

Simar Comes to the den-like place and calls Aarav. Mohit sees her call and thinks about what is going on. The goons inform Mohit that they have done that guy’s work threw him on the road. Mohit texts Simar and he wants to know how much she trusts him. He messages again Simar and he Called her inside without any fear. Samar thinks why does Arav call her such a place. I can’t believe it. You will see Badi Maa asks Sandhya to be careful that emotions don’t overpower her.

She knocks on the door and asks Aarav to hear carefully and says your hopes will never be fulfilled. Simar gets a message that he knows she trusts him and asked her to come inside without any fears. Simar says you want proof, I am coming inside to you.


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