Sasural Simar Ka 2 is the most interesting serial on television there are lots of things that are going around in the serial. The story of this serial is getting many twists every day. Possibly you will see many more twists in the upcoming days also.

sasural simar ka 2 9th november 2021

Recently we have seen that Simar has left the house and because of this incident, Aarav is getting troubled. Here are the complete details that you should know about this upcoming episode which you will see on your tv screen.

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In the upcoming episode, you will see that Simar is coming for the audition and she looks at Aarav in Sardar Disguise. Aarav is there and Simar says Simar You. Samar asks if you come for an audition then please walk here.

Aarav says all the best to Simar. Samar says if your Hi and Hello completed then can we proceed to take audition and sing. Simar starts singing the song and giving her a performance. Samar gets impressed while on the other side Aarav sees her while she sings the song.

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Samar tells Aarav that he finalized her for the upcoming shoot. Aarav says that she is very talented and has capabilities beyond expectations. He asks Smar to sign her. He goes to Sima and tells her that you are selected for the next album and you will become the voice of our next upcoming album. Simar asks who are you. Suddenly Aarav tells her he is Samar Khanna and giver him his business card.

Simar is walking on the road while Aarav is following her from the other side of the road. Simar turns but doesn’t see him. Song Plays…The flowers fall down from the tree. Simar picks the flowers and looks at them. Aarav looks at her and smiles. Simar keeps the flower in her purse and walks again.

Aarav tries to talk with Simar for a moment and spend time with her but SImar is continuously walking on the road. He asks her to sit somewhere for a while and talk with him for a moment. She denies and walks again. Later both walk on the road and hold each other’s hands. The episode will be telecast on the colors tv and you can watch it on Voot also. There are many things that are yet to come in the story so stay tuned and bookmark the website in your browser.


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