If you are excited to know the information then we want to tell you that here is the Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update which is all set to amaze you beyond your expectations. Yes, there is a huge possibility that you will enjoy this latest update. Colors tv serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 has a huge number of fans around the world and they are crazy to watch its latest episode. So stay tuned in this article and get all the details here.


The upcoming episode will start with Simar. You will see that Simar returning to her home and remembering that Aarav has decided to move on. You will see that suddenly when she recalls all the things then after a lot of frustration she starts running on the road.

It is looking so much weird and people look at her that why she is running like this. Suddenly when Simar is running on the road she falls down but Samar balanced her. Simar asked what he is doing here.

While on the other side, you will see Geetanjali Devi tells Reema that I observed that Simar is still in the hope. But we have to snatch this hope from her. Badi Maa told Reema that she should not meet each other at any cost. However, Reema feels guilty and she says sorry.

Badi Maa tells her that she has to acknowledge Simar that Aarav is searching for a new partner. After when she listens to this, definitely she will not think to come back. Badi Maa told Reema that she don’t need to feel guilty and aim to complete her work.

Samar asks Simar to come back home and he took her home. They enter the house secretly. Gagan went to meet Aditi and along with her. Aditi comes from the temple and says she is not there. Aditi gets angry so much and slapped him. She tells that Simar came here for Aarav and she does not talk on the topic anymore.

Samar took Simar into her room and starts applying bandages to her foot. She tells him that notching wont change and you are just wasting your time on me. Samar replies that I does not want to change anything so dont worry and just calm down.


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