The all-time favorite Sasura Simar Ka 2 is getting such a massive surge in its popularity. Currently, this is one of the popular television serials having a huge number of fan following around the nation. The serial is always known for its exciting twists and turns in the story. This fresh episode will be telecast on Colors Tv on October 4, 2021. You can watch the serial on Tv as well as on Voot also. Read the written update to know all the incidents.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th October 2021

In this upcoming serial you will see the episode starts with Sandhya telling Aarav that there is no marriage of Aditi tomorrow. She will not marry Mohit she says to Aarav. She tells Aarav to meet with Gagan while Aarav stops and denies it. Sandhya says I am her mother and I have the complete right to her life.

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While Aarav starts telling her that now this time She will not stop and will marry Gagan very soon you will see and Aarav goes to another place. Sandhya says I did not do the wrong thing I just want to save my daughter from the upcoming problem. I am her mother and not anyone else who wants to destroy her life. I just want to protect her from every problem.

Sandhya says if you stop me to do this then definitely you will lose your, mother, too along with your sister. After listening to this Aarav says sorry Maa and stops. But he still says that I can’t let you do this. I have decided to protect her because their marriage will be in any situation. I don’t want any barrier in their marriage. Along with it, he says that I am shocked after listening to you do this with your loving daughter.

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Badi Maa talking to Rana Ji sam saying that the marriage is on the head. She says that there are many things going to happen and we have a huge list of arrangements which are necessary to be completed. Rana Ji replies and tells her that he will manage all the arrangements.

Very soon all the important arrangements will be done and the remaining will be completed also. For further spoilers, you have to watch this show on tv and along with it you will see the episode tonight on colors tv.


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