As you know Sasural Simar Ka 2 is a very popular show among the people, It has a huge fan following. People love to watch the show Because of its amazing story. As we know Simar is the lead role. We have seen the previous episode that Arav comes to Simar and she doesn’t believe that he is here, she thinks this is her assumption or a dream, he can’t be here.

sasural simar ka 2

But Aarav says this is reality, that he is here and standing in front of her. Aarav says to Simar that will you marry me, Simar says yes. Aarav asked her to run away. She refuses to go with him, But Arav tries to convince her, and she refuses.

According to the Promo video, the episode starts with Geetanjali calls the police and asks them to reach Narayan House. Gajendra doesn’t like her idea but Geetanjali explains to him that they have to do this to stop Aarav. On another side, Arav tells Simar why she is refusing to go with him. He says that she said that she wants to marry.

Then Why is she refusing to run away with him? Simar says I want to stay with you but this is not the right way. I can’t choose this way for staying with you. Then the police jeep comes there. Simar asks Aarav to leave from there. Aarav refuses. Gajendra and Geetanjali also reach there. Then they come towards Simar’s room. Another side Samar invites Yamini to the wedding and says that he will wait for her.

Geetanjali Asks Aarav to come ou to the room. Simar gets afraid of hearing her voice. Aarav says to simar if you want to save so you have to go with me. She takes the Mangalsutra from his hand and says to him and she says you are a good person and you have a pure heart.

She says you should not take this path and you should not force her to do any such wrong thing. Simar says this is right that I want to live with you but I am not ready to run away with you. Because our relationship is sacred which they should respect.

Police say to Aarav that if he will not open the door, they will break the door. Simar says to Arav that he should leave from here, but refuses to go with him. Aarav says to simar that she has to go with him. Then police count down till 3. Then police enter the room. Arav and Simar hug each other, police try to separate them, they are unable to do this. Gagan messages Aditi that Aarav has been arrested by police.

Aditi gets shocked after seeing the message. While Simar tries to go after Aarav, Indu slaps her. Indu tells Simar that you did very wrong today. Simar says she didn’t want to do anything wrong if she wants to do this. She can run with Aarav. Simar says please save to Aarav. Indu says she can’t do anything, Geetanjali called the police. Geetanjali decided to get Simar married as soon as possible.


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