As you know Sasural Simar Ka 2 is a very popular show among the people, Fans waiting for its next episode. The show has huge popularity on Television. As we know this show is very entertaining and interesting, We have seen more twists come into the show with great drama. Fans love to watch the serial because of its amazing story.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th December 2021

We see Simar as a lead role and play it very well. Fans love to watch this show. According to the promo video, Show is getting thrilling, interesting, and entertaining as well. Here we will share with you the story of the upcoming episode story.

We have seen in the last episodes, Aarav leaves the house, the entire family tries to stop him. But he doesn’t stop. Vivan tries very hard to stop him but he doesn’t stop. Aarav blames him for attending the engagement of Simar.

Now you will see it in the next episode, The episode starts with, Gagan calling Aditi and she asks him if he is fine. She feels bad because yesterday he was treated badly by her family. Gagan says that was not her mistake. Aditi tells him how Aarav left the house yesterday. Gagan understands that this is why Simar’s marriage preparation is being done in a hurry. Aditi gets shocked after hearing this.

Here simar is looking at her wedding card. she is thinking about how she will give this card to Aarav. Suddenly Aarav comes there and takes the card from her hand. Simar feels that is an assumption. However, Arav clears this myth and says that he will not allow her to marry Samar. Simar doesn’t believe that Aarav is standing in front of her. Samar starts packing her things. Aarav says that he has come here for her and wants to take her away.

Another side Samar gives the wedding card to Yamini. Samar says to Yamini, he will be happy if she will come to the wedding. Yamini tries to convince him, that Simar and Arav love each other, they are one soul, so don’t do this marriage. Samar says Many times his heart is broken but this time he will not let his heartbreak. He says that all are happy with his marriage and Siamr has chosen him too.

Another hand Arav takes out the Mangalsutra from his pocket and asks Simar if she will marry him again. Simar gets tears in her eyes after hearing this and says yes. You will in the episode, that Aarav says to Simar they are going to run away and get married but Simar refuses his plan.

Aarav says I can’t live without you, Simar says I can’t live without you as well but this is not the right path. Then Reema comes towards Simar’s room Simar asks Aarav to leave from there, but he doesn’t listen to her.


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