The most prominent daily soup Sasural Simar Ka 2 is all set to heat up the intact environment. We know that the madness among the audience always remains on the top. Along with it, every contestant got lots of entertaining moments by watching the full episode of the show.

sasural simakr ka 2

The upcoming episode is also ready to show the best sequences and stories that will make the intact atmosphere very amusing for the audience. If you watched the previous episode of the daily soup, it will be very entertaining to watch the further episode as well. You just need to stay connected with Colors Tv.

The upcoming episode begins with Aditi telling Simar that she wants to be a pleasing daughter-in-law like him. Sandhya comes there and says you are accepting advice from somebody who could not become an acceptable daughter. She comes inside the kitchen and asks Aditi what has been done with her hair.

She asks Simar not to make her daughter like her. Aditi says bhabhi was cooking food. Sandhya asks why? She says I told you that you will not touch my things and will not make anything for us.

Chitra comes there and asks Sandhya to take care of herself and not take tension. She says she has a solution for your problem and says they will divide the kitchen. Sandhya is shocked. Chitra asks Reema. Reema says yes, Mummy Ji right, for how long will we have to mourn because of Simar.

Sandhya says no unit. Simar is surprised. Reema asks Sandhya to believe about herself and says if anything occurs to her? She says this section is required. Sandhya says okay, this kitchen section will not transpire as long as she is alive, but when she working in the kitchen, this girl will not be near her.

She says one more item and asks him not to handle her utensils, which she has kept aside. Then the spoon falls down. Simar chooses it. Sandhya says she told her not to touch it. Chitra and Reema blame Simar.

Now, the upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will be going to entertain everyone. Yes, if you are eager to watch the full episode then it will be going to air on Colors Tv and ready to heat up the intact environment. The upcoming episode of the daily soup will be going to air on Colors TV at 6:30 PM.


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