Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the interesting shows which is continuously making teh show the best and entertaining. The twist in the story is continuous remains to amaze all the fans. Simar holdings Aarav’s hand and saying you are really here. As you saw in teh previous episode there were some unexpected scenes that are literally entertaining for all the fans. So we want to disclose any more information in the upcoming days.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 22nd November 2021

The latest episode will start with Simar when she is holding Aarav’s hand. Both look at each other’s eyes. Simar says are you really here I still do not believe it. It is looking like a dream. Aarav says yes I am here with you. She tells him I will come just 2 minutes later. but Aarav stops her. She holds his hand and suddenly a song plays in the background. Because this is the first Karwachauth of them.

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They feed each other and Aarav congrats her to celebrate the first karwachauth together. He says you kept a fast for me, no one can stop me from living a long life and he falls down. She shouts Aarav Ji. The moment is so much shocking and you will see such a sad moment.

in the next scene, you will see such a romantic moment in which you will see Aarav does Shayari and he says you are looking so much gorgeous. Also, he brings a rose and gives it to Simar. She is feared and says if anyone sees us then definitely there will be a problem appearing for us. Aarav says you are in front of me it’s my biggest gift for this Karwachauth and now I can climb anywhere for this happiness.

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But when simar tries to go him many times, he agrees to go. While on the other side, Reema sees servants talking and laughing at the corner. She immediately scolds them. She tells them to go into the kitchen and see all the work is done or not.

Also, she sees know about Aarav and decides to expose him as soon as possible. She says I have to do something immediately to stop all these things. You can watch teh episode on Colors Tv and if you want to watch teh episode online then there is an option which is the Voot app where you can watch it online.


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