Sasural Simar Ka 2 is the most popular tv serial which has amazed the audience beyond the level. There is an amazing twist waiting for you which contains marvellous scenes in the story. As you can see in the previous episodes that Simar going to leave the house and Aarav and Simar got separated from each other.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st October 2021

The mo meant gets so much emotional when Aarav tells simar that he wants to spend more time of his life with Simar. So let’s move to the next upcoming episode of the serial and which will premiere tonight on your screen.

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The upcoming episode starts with Simar when she is asking Aarav that Vivaan’s mobile number is connected or not. Aarav says yes I am trying and that’s why I am messaging him. Just a few moments later Badi Maa comes there and gets angry at Aarav. She starts yelling at Aarav.

Badi Maa says I told you to go to Toll and do the task that I gave you. But you sent Vivaan there instead of you. She gets very angry with her and then Aarav calls Vivaan and asks everything is fine there. He also asks that is she received the parcel or not.

Aarav apologizes to Badi Maa. He says that Simar reminds me not to forget the promise made by Him to Her. He says to Badi Maa that I sent Vivaan intentionally and there is no mistake made by me. Aarav says to Badi Maa that I wanted to spend some time with her because in some days she going to leave and there is no guarantee that we will meet again for the rest of her life. You will see many upcoming situations where Aarav will takes Simar’s side and Badi Maa will angry so much.

While on the other side you will see that Roma asks Lalit if he will get the call for the Job then he tells her immediately. Lalit says they are not giving me the Job. But they gave me a house, car and servant too. He tells her that now she should get ready to become Maharani.

Roma thanks Mata Rani and pray for a better future as well. Suddenly Divya hears their talk and gets jealous. She fills a water glass and thinks that I will teach them a lesson. She keeps the water tap open in the sink. You can watch the full episode on colors Tv.


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