As we know Sasural Simar Ka is very popular among the people. It is running with good TRP. We will share a full written update about the latest episode in this article. According to the promo videos show is getting very interesting and entertaining. The episode starts with Geetanjali thinking that Aditi gets the coin. But Aditi tells her that Simar has found the coin.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st February 2022

Sandhya remembers she had seen Chitra hide the coin in Laddu, and she changed the Ladoo as she thought Simar deserved to win the coin. Simar goes to Geetanjali and touches her feet. Geetanjali is about to put the necklace on Simar’s neck.

Then she remembers Aarav and Simar’s words and she puts the necklace in Simar’s hand. Simar says that she does not want this gift because she already has a beautiful family.

Simar says to Geetanjali that she wants her to forgive Maharaj and the rest of the servants. Geetanjali agrees with her. Simar and Aarav go to Maharaj Ji’s house and Maharaj and his wife are happy to see them.

Maharaj asks his wife to bring food for Simar and Aarav. His wife brings only rice Maharaj says why has she brought only rice but Aarav understands that they have no grains so he eats and they said food is very tasty.

Simar says that everyone is missing his handmade food so she wants him to accompany them to Oswal Haveli. Then he agrees to go with them.

Here Chitra prepares the outfit for Vivan. Raj comes there and he says Vivan is looking very nice in this outfit. Chitra says yes. Raj tells that he had a dream to become the CEO but his son is going to fulfill his dream.

He added that they should never let the crack in this house shrink. She says that everything is going well between Simar and Sandhya but soon she will again create a crack between them.

Simar and Aarav stop in front of Avinash’s house. Simar sees Indu is there and she gets emotional. After that Mahesh and Radhika come there. Indu takes Radhika to meet Gagan. Mahesh tells Avinash that Radhika wants to continue the study so she doesn’t idea whether she will agree to the marriage or not. Here Sandhya is supposed to tell everything to Vivan.

Reema gets sad seeing this. Chitra asks her why she is looking so upset. Reema explains the whole thing. Sandhya says Vivan that she wants to tell him something. She is supposed to tell him about Reema but Chitra stops her. And shows them the clip of Gagan and Aditi, then all get shocked after watching this. Episodes end. Stay tuned for more updates.


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