The all-time favourite Sasural Simar Ka 2 is ready with the marvelous twist in the story and you will see amazing entertainment. If you want to watch it on your screen then we suggest you watch it on Colors Tv. There are many things that you should know about the upcoming episode. Definitely, many things will be changed in the life of Simar and Samar who is ready to marry Simar will do something to initiate marriage.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 11th December 2021 Episode

The upcoming episode will start with Gajendra when he is talking with Badi Maa. He asks her that if she is not saying something then he can start. He says Aarav has many questions in his mind right now. We should talk to him and listen to his thoughts about the current situation before he gets so much depressed.

Gajendra tells Aarav that elders have taken their decision and now it is your turn to take your own decision over the matter. We all want to listen that what you want over the matter.

Aarav laugh very loud. Badi Maa was shocked to see him like this. She asks her that what is the reason behind her laugh. Aarav says I could not stop myself when you said that you will take the decision of my life. He is like that broken so much and his heart is now hopeless. Aarav tells Badi Maa that now I have zero hopes from you all and I will do everything without any question.

In this statement, Badi Maa gets angry and tells him that all things that happened in past were with your consent. You refused marriage it was your decision. You agreed to the marriage with Simar it was also your decision and even you like Reema it was also your decision. Now after this huge mess up you are saying that it all happened because of me.

Simar thinks that the marriage decision by Aarav is right because he took every decision right and meaningful in teh past. She prays that may god bless Aarav Ji and help him move on in his life. May god gives her the strength to select a life partner for him. If you want to watch the show on your screen.


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