The serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is going very well with lots of twists. We have noticed the brilliant level of excitement among fans. Most probably you will see extraordinary suspense and entertainment in the upcoming days. There are many things which you should know about the serial.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 24th December 2021

If you want to know all the things about the upcoming then definitely you should know before the latest episode starts. Stay tuned to this article to know everything.

The episode will start with Simar when Mohit removes her Dupatta. Simar sits on the place when her hands are tied with her Dupatta. Mohit is standing there and asking her to shout and scream how much she has potential but nobody will listen to her.

Because there is nobody who comes to help her. He says not even your Aarav Ji will listen to you. So right now you and me alone at this place. Simar screams.

Mohit smells her Dupatta and says today I will make this smell mine. He asks if she is not getting angry or enjoying now. She tells Mohit that it will be better that you kill me and says if I am left alive then I will not leave you. He says this is going to be boring for me. I thought you are different from others.

On the other side, Samar checks the mobile phone and tries to restart it then if it will work. He thinks that he should not go inside without permission because possibly Simar will feel bad. Suddenly Police arrive at the place where Gagan is lying and he is in unexpected condition. He is in unconscious and injured condition. Lalit makes a call to Gagan and talks to him. Gagan tells the police officer that there is someone who is in an unconscious condition.

Later in a few moments, he makes a call to Roma and asks her to inform Reema. But he tells that please not to tell Avinash and Indu. The situation becomes serious and you will see that there are many twists that will come in the show and you will see huge entertainment in the show. Definitely, you will enjoy the episode. If you want to watch it then stay here and read tomorrow’s written update of this serial.


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