Sasural Simar Ka 2 is the most popular serial on Indian television. This is one of the most TRP achiever Hindi Genre tv serials which has a huge audience. Possibly you will see an extraordinary twist in the upcoming episode also. If you are looking for the Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update then for sure you should read this article. Here we going to tell you various things about it. So let start the brief report on the upcoming serial.

Sasural Simar Ka 2, 9th December 2021

The upcoming episode will start with Simar when she is walking on the road and recalling her memories with Aarav. She recalls Reema’s word that Aarav is going to fresh start his life. She is upset to know that he is now ready to forget Simar and wants to start his new life.

As Reema said that Aarav is going to married again. She gets so much frustrated and keeps her hands on her ears and runs on teh road. Simar is about to fall down and shouts.

At the same moment on the other side, Aarav falls down in his bathroom. He suddenly says Simar’s name. While Samar is there to hold Simar’s hand when she falls down on the road. Samar says I am always available to hold you and protect you from falling down.

Simar falls again and he holds her hand again. He says to her that he came to take her to the home. Simar tells him that not tell anything at home especially to Maa and Papa. Samar nods her head and takes her home.

Badi Maa asks Reema that why Simar came here. She says I think she still hoping that everything will be fine and she will get what she wants. But we have to destroy this hope from her mind. We have to snatch her hope and have to tell her that she will not get Aarav back in her life.

Even the door of this house is closed forever for her. Badi Maa says I want to see darkness in her life and no light can reach her. We can use Aarav for our mission and after knowing that Aarav is ready for the marriage then she will be broken. For further details, you can watch the show on your screen.


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