Now, the upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 is all set to make everyone curious to watch the full episode. So, the TRP of the show always remains on the top because of its engaging story. Along with it, every episode is filled with everything in which drama, romance, comedy, and much more included.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th February 2022 Written Update

We know that many people are eagerly waiting to watch the full episode that will be going to air tonight. The show is also filled with lots of amazing content in which makers show some outstanding turns and twists to entertain everyone a lot.

The upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will begin with Badi Maa is speaking to Chitra that one such partnership is in her sight and that man must be reaching. The man Dilip comes there and rests his head on the doorstep of the house.

Then Badi Maa called him inside and asked him to sit. She asks Gajendra if he remembers. She tells Giriraj, Chitra, and Reema that Dilip is their old bookkeeper and that he helped their business prosper. Dilip says that he is just his worker etc. After that Badi Maa asks about his son.

He says Mayank is suitable and qualifying for IAS and topped in UP, because of your favor, comprehends the debt on him, and wants to repay your loan soon. Badi Maa says she wants to now and says she asking your son’s hand for her granddaughter Aditi. Dilip calls her granddaughter his daughter-in-law.

Then, Badi Maa says thinks his son will be her house Jamai. Dilip calls Ghar Jamai and says he has only one son. Badi Maa tells Gajendra that if someone else was in your place, he would have agreed. She says she has seen people running.

Gagan stops the scooter outside his house and remembers the shootout on him. Radhika reaches there and asks what happened, and asks about the blood on him. She says he can tell her whatever is in his heart. Now, it will be interesting to watch what will happen next in the ensuing episode.

We know that uncounted people are waiting to watch the full episode of the show that will be going to air tonight. So, Sasural Simar Ka 2 will be going to air on Colors TV at 6:30 PM in which some brilliant stars play some pivotal roles.


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