The episode starts with Aarav lighting the candle and swear of fire. He tells Simar that they have taken swear as I was not having any option. He says that we should understand each other in any situation to save their marriage. Simar keeps her hand on the candle and says that she will fulfil her duty and responsibilities. He promises that he will give her respect and dignity. Aarav says that he will be the life partner she deserves and will do anything to fulfil her dreams. Simar promises that she will take care of her family and will not do anything that will upset her family members.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Full Episode 3rd July 2021

Aarav says that we need to take care of one thing that his brother gets engaged properly. They promise not to leave each other for a month. Suddenly candle falls down and wax fell on her hand. The next morning I du prays to Mata about Simar and Reema. She says that Mata Rani protects her children. Indu asks Avinash to have breakfast but he refuses. Indu insists Roma inform Papa that Reema is missing.

The doorbell rings and everyone thinks that it must be Reema, but they see Badi Maa, Gajendra, and Shobha are standing out. Giriraj booked a caterer for Vivaan’s engagement. Chitra asks him to relax and says that no one is

going to miss him. He says that Vivaan is marrying Kajal and this is good for him. Lawyers come to the Avinash and ask him if he has intentionally sent his daughter to the Oswal mansion so Aarav can marry the wrong girl. Avinash agrees and the lawyer threatens him to file a case against him. Badi maa says that I will not spare anyone and drag everyone to prison. She says that Avinash is using his daughter for making money.

She asks Avinash about the money he wants. Badi Maa gives him a blank cheque and asks Avinash to fill in the amount he wants. Vivaan gets up in the morning and sees that Reema is sitting outside the room.

He asks if he has done anything wrong. Reema says don’t worry everything is fine. Reema asks him to say goodbye as she is going to leave for Agra. He says that today is my engagement and I cannot come to drop you. Chitra welcomes Kajal and Gupta Ji. Gupta Ji asks for Vivaan and is arrives.

He goes to change clothes. Simar helps him to get dressed and Vivaan asks her if he calls her Bhabi until she divorces Aarav. He says that he always thought that he will share a special bond with his Bhabi. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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