Sasural Simar Ka 2 is all set to amaze you beyond your expectations. This serial is ready to welcome many more twists in the upcoming days. The latest episode is going to bring much more suspense to the story which becomes the reason for its upcoming growth in TRP.

sasural simar ka 2

If you are looking for the latest episode then we want to tell you that you will see an extreme level of entertainment. Possibly, the Sasural Simar Ka 2 is all set to make you crazy. To know all the incidents stay in this article.

The episode will start with Badi Maa when she calls someone and asks them to reach there. Gajendra standing there and seeing all the situation. He asks, Badi Maa what are you doing Maa? she replies and tells Gajendra that Aarav is my blood and he is also stubborn like me.

Aarav asks Simar what you want from me and why are you doing this with me, simar? Aarav is getting very possessive. He is looking very emotional. Aarav tells Simar, I am your Aarav and came to take you from here.

He says to her that our family will not understand us, and will sacrifice us. Everyone knocks on the door asking her to open the door. There are many things that are important to know about the serial. You can watch the ultimate twist in the serial.

Suddenly, Police come into the Narayan House. Everyone hears the sound of the police jeep. Simar asks Aarav to leave from there and says I can’t bear it if anything happens to you. Badi Maa and Gajendra goes inside the house. They also ask Police officers to come into the house and tell what is the matter. Badi Maa took the police officer upstairs with her.

During the scene, you will see that Avinash, Indu and others get worried. On the other side, Samar tells Yamini that they will definitely wait for the marriage. Badi Maa is in tension and taking stress. When she is so much stressed she asks Aarav to come out and then she started shouting at him. For further information, stay get in touch with and get all the updates briefly.


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