The most entertaining and popular daily soaps are here with numerous exciting scenes. Possibly you will enjoy the upcoming episode which is exciting and beyond the assumptions. As you saw in the previous episode Simar and Aarav are facing such a terrible time. On the other side, Badi Maa is continuously making barriers for them and trying to break their relationship. Possibly you will see that the upcoming episode is filled with suspense and thrill.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 Full Episode 29th October 2021

The upcoming episode is ready to bring outstanding things. Definitely, you will see some extraordinary thrillers and you will see massive suspense in the latest episode. The upcoming episode will start with pandit Ji asking Simar and Aarav to take off each other’s Garlands.

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Simar suddenly starts crying and takes off the garlands from Aarav’s shoulder. Aarav looking into the Simar’s eyes and you will see that how much he will be emotional in the scene. You can’t hold your emotions during the scene. Sandhya, Aditi and Gajendra feels bad. Badi Maa came and takes out Gathbanchan. She opens the Gathbandhan cloth and also Ghunghat from them.

On the next side, Chitra takes off her Maang Tika, Nose Bangle and Necklace. Simar is crying so much and holding herself. She is looking like she will faint right now. Then Chitra takes off her Mangalsutra. Badi Maa stops her and tells Citra that she will not take it off. She calls Aarav and asks him to take off her Mangalsutra right now. Aarav also starts crying at the moment and taking off the Mangalsutra from Simar’s neck. His eyes are full of tears and suddenly he gets angry and shouts at Badi Maa.

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In the hospital, Reema sees Vivaan is getting restless. She goes to Vivaan and asks him that what happened. She asks him do you need anything. She calls the doctor and Mohit comes there Indisguise of a Doctor. Reema asks him to check Vivaan is totally fine or not. He asks her to call some nurses immediately. When Reema goes away from the room she closes the door and says Good Bye my friend Vivaan. He takes his mask off and switches off the oxygen cylinder. Vivaan starts facing breathing issues. Suddenly the doctor comes to the place and saves the life of Vivaan. He switches on the oxygen cylinder and Vivaan is now able to take a breath.


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