The serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the best ever serials which also serves the marvelous story with lots of twists. Currently, the show is continuing with lots of amazing things. So here is the written update for November 27, 2021 episode. If you want to know all the upcoming scenes of the serial then we will tell you about the serial briefly. There are many things which are essential to be known.

sasural Simar Ka 2 27th November 2021

As per the details and the promos, the episode will start with Sandhya asking Aarav to stop meeting Simar again and again. She says that I gave you permission to meet Simar just because you were restless and continuously feels sad.

Aarav feels sorry about it and he apologizes and requests her mother not to tell his father after his father comes from a business trip. Aarav says to Sandhya that it will not repeat again and now he will control himself to meet Simar.

While on the other side, Samar tells Simar that parents caught the lie of their children. Simar agrees with him and tells that yes you are right and I will try to move on myself. She also says that I will definitely try to focus on other things. Samar is looking at Simar and asks where did it go? Simar is confused and asks what? Samar replies that your smile. He asks her to sit and do some breakfast.

In Sandhya house. Vivaan brings breakfast for Sandhya. He says that I think Aarav Bhai is angry because of hunger. Definitely, he needs to do some breakfast and he will calm down after having this tasty breakfast. Vivaan says you did not have anything from last night. Please eat something else you will get weakness in your body.

Aarav Says Chote, I try my best but fail every day just because of the attachment with Simar. The bond between us makes me weaker and every second of my life brings memories with Simar. I am trying to focus on my dream project but fail. Till now did not din the name of our relationship. For further information about the episode, you can watch the episode on your television screen. There are many other twists.


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