Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update November 24, 2021, is here in which you will know all the things which going to happen in the episode. This upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 is ready to bring an outstanding thrill to the story. As per the details, the episode will start with Aarav when he asks Simar a question. He asks can I say something. Simar nods her head.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 24th November 2021 Episode

Aarav says after you left me, I don’t feel hungry or thirsty. Even I don’t have any feeling. I want to do work but fail to be focused. So let begin the complete written update to get all the details about this latest episode which will be telecast tonight on Colors tv.

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Suddenly during telling all the things, Aarav coughs. Simar brings water and asks if he is fine. He tells her that he was unable to get sleep for many days. Aarav says i want to sleep on your lap. Simar and Aarav are sitting.

He rests his head on her lap and Samar plays the guitar and sings a song in the background. The whole environment is looking like so much romantic. She prays Mata Rani and wishes for Aarav’s health and mental peace.

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Along with it, you will see Vivaan’s phone battery is down and his mobile phone is switched off. Aarav is sleeping but suddenly wakes up after listening to the cat sound. Simar is also there and she says to Aarav that I think someone is coming here.

Aarav says that he just spent most precious 5 minutes after a long time. He pulls down the dupatta of Simar on their head. In the background, the song Mahiya plays and both feel the moment when there is no one to disturb them.

He says I want to live this moment for my whole life. I wish you will always be here with me and we will stay like this. I want nothing and this 5 minutes sleep is like heaven for me. He asks Simar to get back in his life and he will manage everything.

Aarav says I will see everyone and he is ready to face anyone. For more updates yu can bookmark the website in your browser because we continuously update everyday written update of the serial. Stay tuned with us for exciting details like this.


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