Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the best tv serials which having huge popularity around the country. Currently, it is one of the huge TRP receiver Hindi language television soaps. Here is the written update of an upcoming episode. This latest episode will start with Aarav when he tells Vivaan that if he said all the things earlier then definitely Vivaan will not face this huge pain right now. He is getting emotional after seeing his younger brother crying in front of him.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 21st September 2021

Vivaan hugs Aarav and tells him to not say sorry even he had to do many more things for him. Vivaan tells him to sit and talk to him for a while. Simar comes and tells both that Papa’s car is missing. Nobody can found it yet.

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Aarav says you Sister and brother are did something that goes wrong. Indu tells that she made a joke about marriage. Later you will see Gagan will come to the same place and gets an entry in this matter.

Gajender comes to the place and tells Sandhya about Gagan when she was running away. He asks what will happen if there is someone who knows about it. Gajender says he can’t get married to her. Gajender tells her that Aditi will meet the guy first. Then he tells that they decided already. Sandhya says Women respect is like animals. Immediately Ganjender asks what she says. It is a wrong thing that she said.

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Devesh has locked Reema in his studio. He tells her to wear a dress and do what he says. Reema tells him that he will shout and someone will definitely hear her. Devesh tells her that nobody will hear her because it is a soundproof studio. So you have to follow orders what I said. He opens the rope and suddenly Reema pushes him away and tries to run. Devesh falls down but he gets up and she fails and Devesh tells her to do all the things that he says.


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