Sasural Simar Ka 2 is the most dramatic and twists-filled television serial which have a special presence among the various other daily soaps. Same as every time once again we going to tell you about the incidents of an upcoming episode. We are talking about the serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 which is going extremely well and we want to tell you some amazing twists and turns of this upcoming episode. So let have details about what will happen in this episode.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 1st October 2021

The upcoming episode starts with Simar when she is coming to the room and seeing Mohit. He is holding Aditi’s hand and talking to her. Simar shouts at Aditi and gets angry so much. After seeing Simar there Mohit leaves Aditi’s hand and says Simar Ji you thinking wrong. There is nothing that you are thinking about. Simar is not ready to listen to clarification by Mohit. She goes toward Aditi and asks her that everything is fine or not? Why she did this.

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Aditi goes outside and sees Gagan going somewhere on his bike. He thinks he came for me and going through the same pain as me. Simar asks him that what he doing here and tells Mohit that do you know that Girl and boy cannot meet each other before marriage. It can spoil their relationship and probably it may harm the values. She tells him that it is not allowed in this house and you have to follow this rule.

Currently, Simar is trying to solve all the problems of this house. Because there are only nine days left so she wanted to make everything fine before she leaving the house. Aarav supports her in her decisions and she observes that Aarav is changing his behavior towards her. Just a moment later Simar makes Aditi understand that it is wrong to meet her fiance before marriage. She says it is the rule of our house and nobody can break this rule.

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While in on the other side you will see Shobha goes to Rajender. She says everyone is waiting for please to do fast and come to the place. Rajender looking for the prescribed medicines. He tells Shobha that this is the time to open his clinic there is not much time left. After this scene, he went to the clinic.  Sobha tells Lalit is coming for the marriage and all shall be ready. Rajendra says at least he is coming. Roma gets happy and offers him tea. He refuses. Shobha says let’s go for engagement.


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