As you know Sasural Simar Ka is a very popular show among the people. The show has a good TRP. This Serial is very interesting and entertaining. The show has a very interesting story. People love to watch the show. As we know Simar and Aarav are lead characters, both are very amazing in the acting. Fans enjoy the show.

sasural simar ka 2

We have seen in the show that Aarav comes there and Simar and Aarav decide to marry each other. But  Simar was not ready to run with Aarav. We have seen Police arrest Aarav. Simar feels very bad and she cries for him. She asks for help from Indu. But says She is unable to help her.

Now according to the promo videos. Serial is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The episode starts with Avinash says, that today he will answer Geetanjali Devi’s three reasons. She says Simar’s marriage with Aarav Ji, was proved as the punishment, for the crime which she has not done.

He says everyone tried to make you understand that simar is innocent and got married to save her family’s respect, but you didn’t understand, You humiliated her, she has stood in the witness box, punishment her, etc.

On Another side, you see Badi Maa stops Reema from sitting in the car. Badi Maa says it si her sister’s wedding, she should go and handle the responsibility of her sister’s Wedding functions, It is her right and duty too. She says to Vivan that even you should also go there and handle a son-in-law’s duty, and asks him not to hesitate to call them if needed.

You will in the episode, Aarav looks at marriage functions begin at Narayan’s house. Indu asks Simar to get ready. Avinash apologizes to Samar for Changing the Marriage date. He says no problem, whatever you have done is for Siam’s betterment. Shobha tells to Chitra Devi got her favorite grandson arrested. Chitra is shocked and happy. Chitra thinks now Vivan will get what we could not get.

She says even I will enjoy Siamr’s marriage. The side simar and Samar sit for their Haldi Rasam. Roma and Reema apply Haldi to samar and Simar. Everyone applies the Haldi to them. Chitra says she understands the value of relationships. Simar recalls Badi Maa’s words and looks at Aarav’s pic on her mobile. She cries. Samar comes there and looks at simar crying to see the picture of Aarav.


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