As we know Sasural Simar Ka is very popular among the people, Show has great TRP on the television. Here we are sharing a written update of the latest episode. According to the promo videos show is going to be very interesting and entertaining. The latest episode starts with Vivan coming to Aarav’s room and asking him to walk on the terrace with him. Aarav and Simar accompany him and later are shocked to see the surprise party. Gagan also reaches there.


Simar gets emotional seeing him. Simar hugs him. Simar asks about the family. Aditi says excitedly that they should perform the rituals of post-wedding. They start the function of Simar’s Mukhdikhai. Gagan gives a gift to Simar. Then Aarav says that now they should go to their respective rooms. Simar says that if anyone sees them then there will be trouble. Keep reading.

Aditi and Vivan refuse and say the party has just begun. You will see Shila gives bangles to Simar as a gift. Aarav makes Simar wear bangles and Vivan shoots the moments. Aarav further thanks Vivan as he has made his day very special. He tells him to keep in mind that no one should know anything about it.

Chitra feels is fishy Maharaj says they should begin the ritual. Aditi is confident that Simar will win. Then some funny conversation starts there. Then Simar wins the game. Simar says to Aarav that now he has to obey everything. Aarav gets ready.

Here Reema tells everyone that Aarav and Simar are on the terrace. Geetanjali asks everyone to walk on the terrace with her. On the other side, Simar demands Aarav fill her parting with vermilion in front of everyone. Aditi and everyone get happy to see this moment. Keep reading.

Then you will see, Geetanjali comes there. Before Geetanjali could see Gagan, he hides. Gajendra asks Arav what is the matter and what is happening here. Sandhya scolds Aditi that she asks her to stay away from Aarav and Simar, Why doesn’t she understand this.

Geetanjali asks Sandhya to lock Aditi in the room because she doesn’t obey anything. Geetanjali tells that they should get Aditi married before Aditi becomes like Simar. Aarav and Simar were shocked to hear Geetanjali’s words. So Let’s see what will happen next in the serial. It will be more interesting to watch the serial. Stay connected for more updates.


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