The serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is getting huge and extreme level attention from the past few days because of the ongoing twist in the story. Most probably you will see several twists when Aarav will do everything to bring back Simar in his life.

ssk2 today

As we can assume that many of you are thinking that if Simar will be back in Aarav’s life or there is something going to happen which is beyond our expectations. To know all the things you have to read this written update which is important to know.

In this episode, you will see that Aarav is about to fall down after getting off the Bar. Before he is getting fall down suddenly a hand holds his hand.

The person who hold his hand took him with him. Vivaan comes out from the Bar and looks for Aarav but Aarav is not there. He went inside the Bar again and asks the waiter that is he saw Aarav going outside or somewhere else. Waiter denies and tells him that he did not see him.

Vivaan tells waiter that if he see Aarav anywhere then inform him immediately. Vivaan calls Reema and tells Reema that he went to Bar to find Aarav and he found him but when he went to pay the bill then Aarav again missing. He tells Reema that if anyone asks then she has to tell that Aarav is with Vivaan. While if Aarav comeback then inform him immediately.

Reema tells him that she will handle everything and he doesn’t need to worry about home. She tells him that you should find Aarav only as soon as possible. Sandhya prays to Mata Rani that may her son come back home safely. Aarav sitting somewhere and he thanks the person and says thanks Chote. But he asks who are you? Devesh’s face is shown. The person says I can be your friend.

He offers him a drink and asks Aarav to drink with him. He says that it is fun to drink with someone who is unknown. Devesh goes to a corner and makes a call to Chitra.

He says we have achieved our first mission and predicts that is what I found today? He says I found Aarav Oswal is drunk and cant remember his name. For further information stay get in touch with us and get all the details for upcoming episodes also.


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