Sasural Simar Ka 2 is the most interesting twist-filled tv serial which going to entertain you beyond your expectations. Possibly the upcoming episode will make you excited to watch the upcoming episodes of the serial. Here are the best episodes of this serial available But right now we going to tell you various things about the Sasural Simar Ka 2 November 16, 2021 episode. So let’s begin the brief discussion over the topic and get all the updates.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th November 2021

The upcoming episode will start with Thapki Seeing Samar in her house. She is amazed to see her. She says you here but suddenly Samar comes and he tells that Simar please take the bouquet and please don’t deny it. Simar asks him why you are coming at this time at late night.

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Is it urgent? Indu comes suddenly and says why did you hide this biggest secret. Samar tells her that her secret is now flashing over every news channel. Simar thinks that just a day earlier she was with Aarav and thinks that maybe someone saw us.

Indu comes and says that we are with you and we have no problem that whatever decision you take. Just moments later Avinash also comes and says we are with you in your decision. Simar gets happy and thanks Matarani that nobody has a problem with her meeting with Aarav.

But suddenly Indu says we have no problem that you have met with Yamini Devi. Simar asks them who gave you the address of this house and how dare you to say all this. Samar says this does not matter from where I get your address but I get it from my sources.

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Reema and Badi Maa talking. Badi Maa says that she is now frustrated because of getting hurt again and again. She asks her to bring the keys. Reema looks at the keys and suddenly Badi Maa says this is not just keys but the responsibility of this house. This is the responsibility to maintain the reputation of this family. I hope you understand.

She says it now like a burden for me. Immediately Reema tells her that I can handle it and you can trust me. I am just like you and your reflection and don’t let my mind overpower my heart like you. She says that I am very practical to handle all situations. You can watch the full episode on Colors tv and watch it online on Voot also.


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