Aarav falling on vivan. Vivan asks him to handle himself. Aarav says I want to meet simar once. Vivan says I will take Bhai from here, nobody shall touch him. Aarav asks Vivan if you are here for enjoying the Roka, Aarav push to Vivan, and Aarav says all ere together against me.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th December 2021

Vivan him to come home. The Neighbor Asks Avinash to call the police else. Lalit and Vivan say it’s our family matter. Samar tells Gagan that he will go out and handle the matter. Simar asks Indu to let her talk to Aarav Ji. Then he will leave from here after listening to the truth.

But Reema says  Simar and Aarav are both emotional. Simar’s Roka has done. Sandhya says to simar  Be here, my boy has to learn the lesson of life. Sandhya asks if you don’t want him to choose a life partner for himself, then you will not go outside today. He will be Shattered and ruined.

Arav calls simar and says for a meeting. Badi Maa Reaches there in her car and sees Aarav is shouting Simar’s name standing on the road. Gagan comes out as well. Aarav asks Simar to come out. Simar cries and runs to her room. She says why is happening. Samar hits Aarav. Samar says Rolka is done now we are one.

Aarav says, we have heart connection, she is mine, she is my life, I love her. Then Samar says don’t take her name, Samar is about to hit him. Aarav says I will her name 1000 times, no one can stop me. Simar hearts your self and Aarav takes a brick breaks a hand then he breaks other hand. Vivan says what arre you doning Bhai.

Samar looks on agrily. Simar hits her hand on the floor and gets injured. Aarav comes back to Samar and says waht do you think this wound will give me pain, and says no, pain ins his heart. This pain is bissest than any pain. Simar hears him and keeps her hand on her cheast. Samar asks are done now get out from here. Roka is done now.

Samar shows a ring and says he will wear this ring to Simar on enagement day will strength our relation. He says this is not just ring is life time promise. Simar says i agreed for this marriage, Aarav Get shocked to hear this.

Samar says simar has not come after hearing shouting. Then Samar started to go from there, everyone looks him to go from there. Aarav leave the thought of simar.

Aarav comes to bar and asks the bartender to give a drink. He thinks Samar’s words and drink. He gets teary eyes. Badi calls him, Badi Maa says he have not come to home. Vivan says dont worry. Bartendes says him bar is colsed now. Aarav asks for the extra drink.

Bartenders refuses. Vivan comes there and say thanks to bartender for callin him. Aarav says to Vivan this was noyt right, you should no go there. Arav shouts on Vivan, Vivan says this not a right place for this.

Aarav says that was righjt for going. Vivan hugs to Aarav and says i love you Bhaii and Aarav says love you too, but you should not there. Then they both go from bar.


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