As we all know, Sasural Simar Ka 2 is a very entertaining and twists-filled television serial that has numerous incidents in an upcoming episode. Definitely, you will love this upcoming fresh episode which have exciting scenes. In this upcoming episode, you will see the episode will start with Sandhya where she is making some planning to initiate Aditi’s marriage with Mohit. So let begin the written update of this fabulous tv serial.

sasural simar ka 2 13th october 2021

Sandhya tells that she has to leave and but suddenly Aarav came and tells her that she doesn’t need to go. Aarav says, please Maa don’t leave this house I will make everything fine and let everyone understand your situation. But everything will become good if you will stay in the house.

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I can handle all situations very smoothly. It is around 25 years that I gave to my son but today I feel good to see you in my favor. Aarav replies to her that I will do everything and every time but I just want to support you even when you are wrong. Definitely, Badi Maa feels proud because she gets happy to know that she brought up their children with a good upbringing.

While on the other side, Badi Maa doing Aarti and recalls Sandhya to slap Mohit hardly. She keeps the Aarti plate in the Mandir and calls Sandhya. She asks for Sandhya and says where is Sandhya Bahu. Sandhya came and asks where is Badi Maa. Sandhya says I have to leave this house. Badi Maa replies that if you want to leave this house then the door is open and you can leave the place when you want. Badi Maa shouts at her and Sandhya just starts crying.

But suddenly Aarav comes to the place and protects her mother. he starts defending his mother and argues with Geetanjali Devi. He tells that there are all the family members are in trouble because of your rules. The remaining story you can watch on this tv. As per the details, You can watch the serial on Colors Tv and now you can watch the serial on Voot also.


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