Another enthralling and anticipated episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 is on the way to amuse all the fans. The show getting much attention from the viewers because the content and the new episodes of the show actually increasing the enthusiasm among the audience to watch it. If we talk about the upcoming episode then it begins with Sandhya as she is serving tea to everyone. After everyone takes a sip of tea, she will be praised by the house members but she reveals that the tea was made by Simar. After hearing this, Geetanjali Devi stops drinking it but Aarav continues drinking.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th July 2021

Later, Aditi says to Simar that Aarav liked the tea. On the other hand, Kajal receives a message in which a video is sent by someone of Vivaan and Reema staying together in a hotel room. After Kajal sees the video, she feels disturbed. In the video, Reema, and Vivaan talking to each other in which Reema saying that she has no reason to live this life. She further says that her family members sacrifice her.

After hearing this, Vivaan says that she has a reason to live her life properly as she has a very big dream to become a model. She further says that what will she do after complete her dreams when there is no one to appreciate and praise her.

Vivaan says her to think positively and thinks that she will start her life again with a second chance. In the next scene, viewers will see Gajender and Sandhya who telling a helper to bring the gift to Vivaan’s room. When Geetanjali Devisees that the gift sending by Gupta Ji, she gets angry and says that they have enough money to buy things and they don’t need to get gifts. On the other hand, Reema says to Vivaan that he knows everything very well about her family and current situation.

Vivan very well knows that how her family supports her to work hard but currently, there is no one standing with her to supports her. How she can starts her life again after forgetting everything that happened to her life and done by her own family members. Now,

The episode coming with very amazing and brilliant sequences in which all the stars appearing in some awesome roles. Sasural Simar Ka 2 airing on Colors TV at 06:30 PM and if you want to watch the exceptional episode of the show then it will be airing tonight.


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