The most interesting tv serial which is telecast every day with numerous twists is getting much attention again. The current ongoing situation is getting worst in Simar’s life. The episode starts with Aarav when he trying getting one more chance for Simar to Yamini Devi. because he requesting Yamini Devi so much, she becomes agrees and decides to meet her again.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 6th September 2021

She also says that it is not the confirmation that I will teach her music. Aarav replies to her that I am glad that you agree and it will depend on you that you teach her music or not.

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Yamini Devi tells Aarav not to disclose her meeting with Simar in front of anyone. She asks for 2 days and schedules a meeting for 2 days later. Aarav says Ok and leaves. Jogi asks Yamini Devi why did she talk with Enemy’s son nicely. She says sometimes they shall talk to enemies  With Love And Tells That It Is Time For Revenge.

Aditi likes the decoration for Ganpati Ji Pandaal. She tells Simar that you are a perfect one and seriously did amazing work. The Ganpati Ji Pandaal is looking extremely pretty. Simar says I don’t know that I am perfect or not but it was my opportunity to decorate Ganpati pooja’s Pandaal.

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Suddenly Badi Maa comes to the place and tells simar that who asks her to decorate Ganpati Ji’s Pandaal. Simar replies to Badi Maa that it is Ganpati Bappa’s Pandaal and there is no need for permission for doing any work.

Roma opens the door and puts all the dirt outside the house. Unfortunately, it fell on a girl and her parents. The girl shouts at her asks her that is she mad. She starts scolding Roma. Roma says I am not bad and suddenly Shobha comes and welcomes the girl and her parents.

Shobha asks them to come inside the house. Shobha tells Roma to bring water for them. While on the other side, Roma gets angry but girl Divya and her parents carried her own mineral water.


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