The episode starts with Sandhya and Chitra talking about Badi Maa. Sandhya suggests Chitra prepare a tea for Badi maa as she will forget about her anger. Badi Maa is upset and thinks that journalist has ruined their honor by publishing an article in the newspaper. She burns the newspaper after reading the article. Chitra asks Simar 2 to serve tea to Badi Maa. Simar 2 greets Badi Maa touching her feet. Badi Maa gets shocked and shouts how dare you? Gajendra, Aditi, Sandhya comes to the hall hearing Badi Maa. Chitra says that she is your daughter-in-law and needs your blessings.

sasural simar ka 28th june 2021

She says that Simar has made tea for you the way you like it. Sandhya asks Simar 2 to serve tea to Badi Maa. Simar 2 serves tea to Badi Maa and she throws the cup. Badi Maa shouts that how could you expect forgiveness for the girl who has ruined my pride. I have given my life to earn the respect and she ruined it in just one day. I have worked day and night to build this mansion and now people are laughing at us. She has made my image similar to a cartoon. I will not accept her as my daughter-in-law.

I will not accept a dancer as my daughter-in-law. She asked her why did you return to this house? Sandhya says that Simar 2 didn’t return to this house and never wanted to return. Badi Maa says that I never asked anyone to favor me and if she ever took, she will pay them back. She says that if she got betrayed by anyone, then she will pay it back too.

She picks the wishes from the floor and rubs them on Simar’s face which made everyone shocked. Simar feels insulted and cries. Sandhya condoles her ensures that everything will be fine in some time.

Everyone is shocked to see Badi Maa’s behavior towards Simar. Sandhya blamed herself to asks Simar to serve tea to Badi Maa. Shobha is talking to Roma and asks her to leave the house. Roma is upset and says to Lalit that Mummu Ji is throwing me out of this house as she has not done anything wrong.

Lalit gets angry and says that if Roma will not stay in this house then you have to leave with her and the episode ends here. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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