The episode starts with Simar 2 is trying to escape from goons and running on the road. Goons trap her and snatch her mobile. They break her mobile and says that no one can reach her now. Simar begs them to let her go then one man snatches her ghatbandhan dupatta and throws it away. Aarav comes in front of them holding Simar’s duppata. He covers Simar’ head with a dupatta and holds her hand. Aarav warns everyone to stay away from Simar 2. A man attacks Aarav on his head and he got injured. Simar 2 get scared and tries to touch his wound. Aarav asks her to get into the car as they need to escape from goons. Simar 2 got scared then Aarav hold her hand and asks her to sit in the car. Simar is coming to Oswal Mansion and sees that

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aarav comes across holding Simar 2’s hand. Mata ji asks Simar to come inside as this is also your house. Simar is happy to see them together and prays for their relationship to be stronger. She says that I am proud of Simar 2 and she believes that Simar 2 will make her place in Aarav’s heart.

Badi maa is thinking about the journalist who published that the bride was swapped and the fake Bahu has come inside the Oswal Mansion. Badi maa calls Bhairav to aks Gajendra and Gijraj for meeting. Aarav and Simar 2 arrives at Oswal’s Mansion and step into the house.

Aarav lifts Simar 2 in his arms her walks inside the mansion. Vivaan drops Reema to her house and asks her if she needs anything. Reema is upset and starts crying after she sees him getting inside the car.

Aarav hides Simar 2 so Bhairav couldn’t see her. Aarav takes Simar 2 in his room and locks the door. Simar takes of her ghatbandhan dupatta and looks at Mata Rani’s locket. She looks that Aarav weds Reema is written with rose petals on the bed. Reema is sitting in her room and crying over her bad Karma.

Badi Maa tells Gajendra and Sandhya that she cannot accept that her daughter-in-law is a dancer. She says that Aarav married her mistakenly and we need to make him understand this. She says that Simar 2 married Aarav for the property.

She says that asks Simar 2 that how much money she wants to leave Aarav. Giriraj says that Aarav and Badi maa will get into an argument if she will not accept Simar 2 as her daughter-in-law and the episode ends here. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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