The episode starts with Aarav and Gajender are having a conversation where Gajender says that I am proud of you Aarav and bless him. Kajal’s family arrives to Oswal mention for the wedding ceremony. Giriraj and Chitra welcome them and complement Kajal. Guotaji asks Gitanjali Devi about Simar. Aarav asks them to. wait as he is going to call Simar. Aarav goes to Simar’s room and see that she was getting ready. He helps her to wear her earrings.

sasural simar ka 2 13th july 2021

They come close to each other and Aarav complement Sonar that she is looking beautiful in this dress. He says that this dress is just made for you. Aditi and Vivaan join everyone for the wedding ceremony. Vivaan is confused about whether he is doing right or not. He got a text from Reema and make his mind. Indu comes to Reema’s room but couldn’t find her. She checks her almirah and finds that her clothes are missing. Roma asks Indu to give prasad to Avinash as he is getting late for college.

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Indu asks them to come to Reema’s room and show them almirah. Everyone got shocked to see that Reema left the house without telling anyone. Aarav rubs cream on Simar’s ear so she can wear the earrings comfortably.

He compliments her and says that now you are looking like Oswal’s daughter in law. He says that everyone is waiting for Vivaan for the wedding ceremony. Indu and Roma are stressed about Reema and tries to find her. Roma asks Indu not to worry about Reema as everyone is looking

for her and they will find her soon. Simar comes to Vivan’s room but couldn’t find him. Pandit Jo asks Gitanjali Ji to call Vivan. A parcel comes for Gitanjali Devi which is full of money along with a letter. She spent the letter and asks Simar to read it loudly.

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She shouts at Simar and asks her how could your family threaten her by sending this letter and money. Simar explains that my father can never do this. She tries to slap Simar but suddenly Aditi shouts that Vivaan is missing.

Vivaan plans to meet Reema to marry her in a temple. Reema comes dressed in bridal attire. In Oswal mension, everyone is looking for Vivaan. Gupta Ji asks Gitanjali Devi to call Vivaan. Hagan reaches the temple and holds Reema’s hand.

Reema requests him to leave her hand and let her marry. Gagan scolds her and asks why are you marrying to an ordinary man. She says that he is not any ordinary man but Vivaan Oswal. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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