There are lots of interesting and entertaining serials on Indian television. Everyone like to watch these serials on TV because of their amazing concepts, drama, and thriller. Well, there is one more amazing serial on TV called Sasural Simar Ka 2. The show has already gained millions of fans across the world and everyone likes to watch this serial because of its fabulous cast members.

sasural simar ka 2 10th november 2021 Episode

Now, the show has reached its hype and gained massive popularity among watchers. Along with this, it has gained immense reach and everyone likes to know the update of the show before the official episode appears on TV. So, here is the written update of the serial.

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As we have seen in the previous episode that Aarav tries to talk to Simar but she did not listen to him and continue to walk on the road. He wants to spend time with her and but she doesn’t want to listen to him and they Aarav continue to walk alongside her and holds her hand.

With all of this, Samar offers Simar a chance to work on his album but Simar rejects him saying that she doesn’t like to work with those who judge people by their appearance. Everyone is excited to know that what will happen next because Samar has decided to bring her in his album.

While, Rima is finding the reality because when Chitra Oswal saw police, she threatened after viewing police. Rima tries to know that how did it happen. She decided that she will reveal the reality and a new prey of Oswal’s family will come out for her.

Now, we will also get to see that Aarav and Badi Maa reach to the police station and the police tell them that her daughter and the whole family was arrested over dowry and harassment case. Police also reveal that they can’t come out until their Bahu did not take back her case. Badi Maa gets worried and thinks that how the people will think about them as her daughter did this with them.

Aarav says that she is thinking about people’s thought and her respect but don’t understand that what is going here. Aarav says that Roma Bhabhi did this. Badi Maa says that in today’s culture, every girl wants her career, independence, and rights. Aaram says that she knows her value, rights, and comes to know that they have equal rights.

Badi Maa says to him that he is giving a lecture to her. Aarav says that we should think about the step of Roma Bhabhi and Simar also says this. Badi Maa says that he is taking favor of Roma because she is a girl’s sister.

He says that she is connecting these issues with her and he adds that he is just taking out a solution of this. Badi Maa asks him that he is going to talk Narayan Family’s daughter and beg her. Suddenly, Reema comes there and says No. The Episode Ends.


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