The serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is getting huge attention among the audience. So here is one more episode which comes with the numerous twists and turns in the story. The upcoming episode will start with Aarav and Simar who are standing with each other in a romantic pose. Suddenly Yamini Devi calls Aarav to drop her home a 12 noon.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 8th September 2021

She has to reach home as soon as possible before the timing because she wants to do Ganda Bandhak Rasam like every year. Aarav asks her why she eagerly wants to do this rasam. Then Yamini Devi tells him that she wants to do it because it is a very special rasam between a Guru and Shishya.

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She tells him the significance of this day. Yamini Devi tells, on this very s[special day both Guru and Shishya promise to each other and it is a big step for an artist. She asks him to reach there at 12. Yamini Devi tells him that she says it is a good mahurat time of Ganesh Chaturthi. Then Yamini Devi tells that if they reach home at 11 or 11:30 then they can start the worship at sharp 12 PM.

Vivaan is sitting in the office and Reema comes suddenly into his cabin. She has held a tea tray. He asks if reached heaven then why Apasra is doing here. She says sorry to him because Reema has spilled the tea on his shirt. Vivaan says thanks and hugs her.

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While the next scene of this episode brings Simar who is getting ready for the Ganapati Puja. She is getting extremely ready and looking extremely gorgeous. Just a moment later Aarav comes there and tells her that she is looking perfect for this occasion.

She says to Aarav that you brought me here from Kitchen and can you tell me where we are going. He says we have to go. She says you shall stay at home because you are the grandson. She Says You Shall Stay At Home Being The Grand Son. Aarav Say We Need To Go There And Asks Her Not To Question Him More. To know more details you can watch the full episode on Colors Tv.


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