Once again the entertaining show and favorite daily soap is here. Yes, we are talking about the Sasural simar ka 2 which is getting huge TRP in every week. The serial is bringing massive twists and turns to the story. As you can see the simar is facing such terrible things and now solving the life of Aditi and her problems.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 7th September 2021

Aditi wants to marry Gagan but on the other side, Aarav is not ready for this marriage and he slaps Gagan hardly. There are many things going to happen so stay in this written update to know all the things.

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In the upcoming episode, you will see that Mohit will ask Aarav and Simar to dance but they deny it. Simar tells him that dancing and music are not allowed in the house and it is a strict order by Geetanjali Devi. The moment becomes shocking for everyone when Badi Maa comes to the place and see all the scene. She tells Ranaji that is he has not told them that dancing and music are not allowed in front of this house.

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It is prohibited in this house. There is a huge moment created and Geetanjali Devi gets so much angry at everyone that how they do dance and sing music in the house even everyone knows it is restricted.

While on the other side, Reema snatches Vivaan from the function and asks him to give her more chance. Just a moment later Ranaji came and goes to stop the music and dance. Also, he tells that he will allow music if girls tell him that they want to play music but there is a condition if they want to play music and dance.

He tells them they have to do what I am going to say. Ranaji taunts Geetanjali Devi that the Badi Bahu is unaware of Oswal’s rule. Sandhya and Simar come to Mohit. Just moments later Sandhya goes into flashback.

She thinks when she put tikka on Mohit and forehead and welcomed him to the house. Geetanjali Devi tells everyone that everything will be performed according to the rituals. In the same scene, Gajender puts malas on Ranaji and welcomes him. While Badi Maa takes simar.

To further information you have to watch the show and the full episode will be telecast on the regular tv channel which is Coors Tv as you know. So be ready for the latest episode of Simar Ka Sasural 2.


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