Sasural Simar Ka 2 is now one of the most-watched television soaps which are gaining such massive popularity. So far we have watched almost every episode and with the extreme level of excitement we want to share the updates regarding the upcoming episode of the serial. So let begin to start the brief information about the episode which will entertain you beyond your expectations. The episode will be telecast on Colors Tv at tonight so you can enjoy the episode.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 5th October 2021

The upcoming episode will start with Aarav when he is coming in his car and saying sandhya and Aditi looking at him. Sandhya says Aditi hugs him. Aarav seeing her as this getting shocked. Aarav says to her that are you crazy and how do you think that I will allow you to get married to a person who does not respect you.

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Aarav tells that I don’t know that I am right or wrong but if definitely know that who is not good for you. I just want to protect you from the problems.

While simar comes to the place and tells Aditi that he s right and he does not want anything but just wants to protect you. Simar says only a lucky person gets such a son and brother who can help in every situation and protect before the problem came in life.

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Both get to sit in the car. While Roma prays that Lalit shall return home safely. She gets tensed after thinking about Lalit that where he is now. If he is fine or in any problem.

Reema sees Vivaan. She turns to Vivaan and tries to say all the things. She tells him that Vivaan I thinking that we should start our relationship with a good start. Forget the past. Immediately after listening to all these things Vivaan gets shouts and starts saying that  I Wanted. I Wanted You To Be With Me, I Wanted To Love You, And Wanted You To Be With Me, Wanted To Fulfill All Your Dreams. The situation gets terrible and Reema is shocked to see the behavior Vivaan doing. It is the first time ever Reema faces the most aggressive behavior Vivaan.


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