Again, the most prominent and highly anticipated daily soup Sasural Simar Ka 2 is all set to bring another thrilling episode tonight. Every time, when the makers coming with a very huge turn and twist, the madness among the audience to watch the episode is very high. The upcoming episode will begin with Avinash tells everyone that his marriage is not valid.

sasural simar ka 2 3rd august 2021

Reema says we have taken the rounds witnessing the God then how can you say like this. Then, Avinash says that he is not interested in other’s lives as he has two daughters and he married them by his own blessings.

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On the other hand, Roma comes home and when Simar sees her she runs to hugs her. Roma is also very happy after seeing her. Otherwise, Vivaan tells Avinash that he knew that he is upset with them. He further says that he is not telling him to forgive them but forget everything that happened as Reema is very worried about him.

He asks him to trust him but Avinash replies that why he can trust Vivaan as his own blood broke his trust. Aarav comes and stands with Vivaan. Reema comes to Avinash and asks him what she did with him as he can’t forgive her.

But, Avinash starts ignoring her and asks Simar if she wants ice cream. Reema asks Roma to asks Papa to forgive her. She asks Indu to asks him to forgive her. After hearing this, Indu says that she shouldn’t have come here but she doesn’t know why she is here.

Then, Simar says Di but Reema stops her but Simar says everyone knows well what happened with Papa then how can she say like this. But, Reema again tells her not to interfere but then Avinash says that this is Simar’s house and she can say anything here. Then, Gagan says that Reema Di too is the equal partner of this house.

After that, Reema tells Gagan that she doesn’t want to stay here anymore as no one needs her in this house. Vivaan calms down Reema by saying that they have full right to get angry with everyone and tells that no one should leave the house by getting upset as they will surely solve the matter.

Then Reema says that the matter is ended as he did not want her as a daughter and she is also don’t want to stay here. Now, the upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2 will be going to engage millions of people all over the country. The show airing at 6:30 PM only on Colors TV.


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