Today’s episode starts with Police taking Avinash to the police station and neighbours overlook the whole drama. Gajendar sees that Badi Maa is talking to someone on call and asks whom she is talking to. Badi maa says that I am not answerable to you. She turns the mobile and shows him to whom she is talking to. Indu is worried about Avinash and requests the police to leave him.

sasural simar ka 2 30th july 2021 Episode

Inspector holds Avinash’s collar and drags him to the police station. Roma cries for Avinash and says that please leave my papa as he is not a criminal. Inspector said that your father has done a fraud, he switched his daughters to one another in the wedding. Reema and Simar got shocked and asks if Gajendra did that.

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Gagan asks him why are you showing his power to the innocent one. His crime hasn’t been proved yet. Inspector slaps Gagan and asks him to stay out of the matter. Simar negs to Badi Maa to leave his father as he hasn’t done anything wrong to her. She touches her feet and requests her to ask the police inspector to leave her father.

Reema says that my father hasn’t done anything wrong to your family then what kind of revenge you are taking from him. Aarav gets into the matter and asks Badi maa, why are you doing all this? Badi maa recalls how she called police to arrest him and humiliated him in public. Reema says that what did my father do.

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Gagan says to the police inspector that you cannot take my father to the police station. Police gets Avinash in the jeep forcefully. Badi maa comes and asks the police inspector to leave Avinash. She recalls her words where she said to the police inspector to torture him in jails and don’t give him bail. Aarav asks why did you do this to Reema’s family Badi maa. Have you ever thought about their image?

How would they face this society after this humiliation? Badi maa asks have you ever thought about aur reputation when you took Simar back to this house. She says that I am your grandmother and I have a reputation in this society that I earned with hard work.

Simar says that I am going to the police station to meet papa. Simar got fainted and Aarav runs to hold her. He says that she got panic and her BP gets low. Aarav lifts her and Reema watch this scene. Gagan and Roma take Avinash home and Avinash asks what did I do to them? Aarav takes Simar to the room and tries to awake her. Simar cries and Aarav feels bad to see her situation.

He gets a call from the radio station and he asks when are you coming for the recording. Aarav says that we got stuck in some other work so we cannot make it today. That guy syas that the senior singer is available for today only. Reema insists to be with Simar and Aarav rubs her feet. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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