Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the popular television serials which is getting new twists in every fresh episode. Same as every time there are other twists and turns in the story. Yes, you will see there are numerous scenes when you will enjoy the story watch unexpected conflicts between Simar and her family. The upcoming episode will start with Sandhya when she supports her daughter. Let’s find out what will happen in this latest episode.

sasural simar ka 2 2nd october 2021

You will see Aarav talking to Vivaan. Aarav telling him that he should tell her that how much she hurt Vivaan. Even tell her that she ditches you when you are in love with her. It is a shameful thing that he kicked you like you are nothing for her. It is a serious discussing brother. Vivaan agrees with him and tells I will do the same as you telling me.

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While on the other side Simar is looking for Vivaan. She tells Reema that you should look for Vivaan Ji and love him back like before. Now it’s time to win his heart back. You have posted the space in his heart. But somewhere he still loves you and can come back in your life.

On the other side, Reema is amazed after seeing her kidnap and how she hit Deven. After the scene, you will see Adhiri will tell everything about Mohit to her mother but she isn’t ready to accept this. While Sandhya sees her daughter facing such massive problems and Aditi giving her best beyond her expectations.

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Simar is walking a place where Sandhya and her daughter talking about going somewhere. Simar stops and tries to listen to their talk. She finds out that they are going somewhere and getting to go out. Simar asks where are you both going. Aarav sees both and tells them tomorrow is the marriage of Aditi. Her mother corrects him and tells him that there is no marriage tomorrow.

Aarav gets shocked after listening to this. She encourages Aditi not to marry and run away from the house. He remains stunned to listen to this then Sandhya tells him everything. If you are looking for the episode or stream of this serial then we want to tell you that there is two platforms where you can watch the episode. You can watch it on Colors Tv while you can watch it on Voot also which is a OTT platform for it.


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