Sasural Simar Ka is going very well and you going to see some extraordinary things. In the recent episodes, we have seen that Simar has left the house and because of Badi Maa. After when she left the house we saw that Aarav become so much sad and he is getting crazy because of the memories of Simar.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 2nd November 2021

Here in this latest episode, you will see many extraordinary things and details which are essential to be known by you. There is a huge possibility that you will enjoy the upcoming episodes. So let’s begin our written update which has all the things that you should know about the upcoming episode.

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In the upcoming fresh episode, you will see that Vivaan promise Simar that Aarav will definitely get well soon and he will take care of him. Vivaan also tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about anything. He tells Simar that Aarav is saying that he can die for her. Suddenly Aarav shouts in the background on call and he says that Vivaan you should not say something like this.

Simar sees Aarav and she immediately leaves the place. Divya finds a poison bottle from there she shows it to them. Lalit and Manoj knocks the door but it was locked, so they pushed it, they saw Roma in unconscious state.

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Gagan sitting and thinking that if he would try to get permission to go out then definitely Aditi will deny and not give permission to him. Suddenly Aarav comes behind Simar. He stands there and just sees her and smiles.

The love in his eyes was easily seen. Badi Maa comes to the place and asks him that where he is and she is calling his name and where he is busy. After telling Aarav all the things he tells Simar that outsiders are not allowed in the hospital.

Aarav tells Badi Ma that Vivaan is her brother-in-law so she can meet him. That’s why she has the right to come here and ask for his health. Geetanjali Devi calls Aarav again and tells him to come with her. You can watch the remaining story in the full episode which will be telecast on Colors Tv. For further information, you can bookmark the website in your browser. We will tell you many more details in the upcoming written update articles.


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