Today’s episode starts with Simar and Reema. She asks Simar what should I do to impress Badi maa. Simar suggest her to make her first radio. She says that in this chance she can prove herself in front of each family member. She says that I am a guest here and you are the daughter in law who will stay here forever. Simar suggests she to make food that is not spicy and oily as Badi Maa doesn’t eat it. Simar recalls how Reema treated her. Simar says that you can take help from the people who used to cook daily, they are the messengers of God Annapurna. Reema asks servants to go as she doesn’t need anyone.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 29th July 2021 Written Update

Maharaj says both of the daughters-in-law are different from each other. Reema asks Simar to tell that what shall we do? Simar says that if you already know everything then do it on your own, I will not help you now. Simar says that I entered this house mistakenly and you came here with honesty.

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Reema scolds her that what do you think of herself by making a sabzi and says that she can make international cuisines as well. Reema says that I am not made for making food, but if I need to prove myself then I will make delicious food and prove

it. She says that I have taken the challenge of making delicious food. Simar says that I am happy that you have accepted the challenge now you can do Chulha pujan rasam. Reema asks her to leave and Simar leaves the kitchen. Reema thinks about what to do and she opens the internet.

Simar comes to her room and calls Aarav. Aarav asks her to leave within 1 hour for the recording. Simar says she has gone to the kitchen. Aarav says that you need to concentrate on recording and says there are many people who can handle the kitchen.

He says that I know you didn’t get time for recording but I will help you in the recording. Aarav brings honey water for her and asks her to drink. He says that this will help to clear your throat. Simar says that I liked this recipe more than the buttermilk that you made for me on another day. Aarav says are you making fun of me? Simar smiles and says how can I do that? Reema tries to make a recipe which she watches on the internet and thinks that I will prove myself as a queen of the kitchen along with a beauty queen.

She thinks that I will make shahi paneer and green chutney. She thinks of making roti and rice. She burnt the roti and says that now I will make rice. Chitra comes to see that Reema messed up the kitchen. She asks her what she made. She asks her to change her dress as she will clean the kitchen.

Simar comes to the kitchen and finds Paneer and halwa are burning. She calls Aarav and Vivaan calls Aarav and asks where is he going. Aarav says that I am planning to take Simar out for lunch. He says that you should spend some quality time. Aarav asks why are you excited, Vivaan says that Reema made lunch for him and his family.


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