Sasural Simar Ka 2 is one of the highly-rated television serials which is getting huge responses for some days especially. It is a serial where you can see the numerous twists in the story and getting extraordinary turns in it. The episode starts with one more amazing twist. We hope you will find it interesting and enjoy this written update of Sasural Simar Ka 2. So let’s begin the written update and enjoy the upcoming scenes of an upcoming episode.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th September 2021

Because the promo has been released and as per the details the episode starts with Aditi when she is thinking sorry Bhabhi I don’t have any other way. Simar is getting upset and seeing the Torn Turban Cloth.

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Rana Ji tells that they shall work do soon. Badi is worrying about the Rasam and when the thinking when the rasam is completed. She asks Aarav that where is the girl. She orders find her now where she is? This is the best serial which is offering the best suspense story for many days.

While in the next scene you will find out that Giriraj says that yes you are right they shall do some drama. Aarav comes and asks where is his pag? He is getting out of control. Simar seeing him in this condition. She recalls Badi Maa and says she will come in Minutes.

Simar goes to her room and locks herself inside the room. She says Badi Maa that she is coming in 2 mins. The environment looking some tension and Aarav asks Badi Maa that is everything will become Fine? Badi Maa says this is our family and there will be no tension until I am here. Nothing will happen in our family.

Rana Ji come and is there is any chance of complete Pag Rasam or it is finished? Badi Maa comes there and Simar also asks Pandit Ji to start the rituals and if they start the rituals then. Simar starts the Rasam and ties the Pag on Mohit’s head and ties the Brooch as well. Everyone claps because simar ties the turban ver nicely.


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