The famous serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 is getting such massive popularity throughout the years. The show is getting such a massive rise in popularity right now. Previous we have seen that Simar was crying to think how she will leave Aarav and possibly they will never meet again. Here are the details of the upcoming episode that you should know before going forward to watch the episode today.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2, 27th October 2021

The upcoming will start with Aarav and Simar when they are coming from different sides. Aarav tells her Simar if you are happy then we can walk on teh same path and together by holding our hands. They get closer to each other. Every family member looks at them and getting happy to see than happy. All teh family is happy.

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While on the other Badi Maa looking at both of them when they coming from downstairs. Suddenly music plays in the background. Immediately Aditi got to Simar and tell her to keep Ghunghat on her head, as it is the Narayan family’s ritual and very important.

Everything was going fine and good suddenly Badi Maa stops Simar and says it is not our ritual. All the Vidhi’s and rituals will be performed according to the Oswal family tradition. Suddenly Pandit Ji comes and says when I get your message I immediately get up to come here.

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He asks them to do arrangements for puja. Pandit Ji says to do arrangements for Vidhi. He also tells that Shubh Mahurat is after 30 minutes. He tells them that now there are few moments left to do preparation so there is no need to do fast and forget anything.

Gajendra standing there is listening to all the things. Does he ask what Badi Maa is saying? Badi Maa says no good work will happen here. Today Aarav and this girl reverse round and after it, the marriage will broken. Chitra and Giriraj getting shocked while on the other side Aarav and Simar and other family members are shocked.

Simar is likely to faint out but Aarav holds her hand. The moment getting so much special. Aarav comes in the support of Simar. Possibly he will try to stop Simar in his life and even he will try to live the rest of his life with Simar


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