As we know Sasural Simar ka2 is a very famous serial among the people, it has a great TRP. Fans love to watch the show because of its twists. Fans wait for its upcoming episode. We see Simar as a lead role. She acts amazing on the show, she has a good fan following. Here we will give you all the information about upcoming episodes, according to the promo videos.

sasural simar ka 2

She is getting thrilling, and you will see lots of drama in the show. Surely the episode will be very interesting and amazing. We have seen in the last episode Mohit tries to do wrong behaviour with Simar, and Simar learned him chapter very smartly, she showed that girls are not less than others.

Then she comes to Samar, Samar wants to complain in the police station. However she refuses to do a report against Mohit, she says I have done, which should I do.

According to the promo video Arav will leave the house, he says he should leave the house with simar. He says he has done a mistake and is going to Rectify the mistake. Vivan tries to stop him but he doesn’t stop. Everyone says only Badi Maa can stop him. you will see, Yamini says Aarav is in love, and nobody can understand his feelings, he is in love as Gopi Babu had, says even he will be rebellious like Gopi Babu.

Vivaan tries hard to stop Aarav but Aarav says he is leaving everything, This house, name, respect, everything. He doesn’t want anything. Aarav says he is leaving everything, and he blames Vivan for attending Simar’s Engagement Behind his back.

He says I know you have some reasons, and I have also some reasons. He says tell my Dad, that I can’t carry the burden to be his son, And says I am breaking all the relations which Separated Simar and me. He says I will not be allowed to come between Me and Sima

You will see the episode is getting more thrilling, Badi Maa says I don’t want to hear this. Yamini says your dear Grandson will be rebellious. Aarav beats the guard and takes the keys from them. Vivan is shocked by his rebellious side.

Then Arav will go from the house, Episode will be very interesting and entertaining. As we have seen promo video so the episode is looking very interesting and thrilling, there are many things to watch. You can watch the full episode in colors. It is very popular among the people, so let’s see what will happen next.


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