Sasural Simar Ka 2 is ready to bring some twists and turns to the story. No doubt you will enjoy the episode and there are numerous things which going to make this upcoming episode more interesting. Here you will see Aarav asking Indu that is fine or not because she is looking stressed. He also says, Nothing will happen to Papa Ji and god will protect him from every problem. Let’s unveil other remaining details of this upcoming episode.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th August 2021

She suddenly noticed a peacock feather on his jacket and call him Krishna. She again calls him Krishna, he holds her hands and says I am with you Maa. Aarav gives a peacock feather to her and tells her that Krishna will protect her from every single problem and she will be able to face every situation as well.

Udaariyaan, Today’s Episode 27th August 2021 Written Update, Jasmin Takes Tejo To Her Room

Indu says to Aarav, you gave me such huge strength and thank you son to help me and motivate to face this terrible time period. On the other side, Chitra comes on screen and she is talking about what would be the reaction of Badi Maa. Vivaan comes and tells Indu that your both sons are with you in every situation and we will not let you alone in any condition. We are always here to take care of you and Papa Ji.

While on the other side, Badi Maa gets angry and tells Indu that her Grand Son is showing his back to them and has become against us for our enemies. Reema what is her plan and how she will proceed with it? Reema tells Papa Ji is unwell and can stay more days in Jail.

We have to get bail and or take him out from the jail after proving that he was not the culprit. Indu getting so much upset, Simar suddenly comes to the room and tells her not to worry everything will be fine. She then asks Gagan to Maa Rest. Indu asks Simar to go home and take some rest. There is much suspense remaining to come among us but you will know this suspense only when you bookmark the website.


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