The serial is here where you get huge entertainment every time when the makers of this serial release a new episode of this serial. Possibly here you will see the new twists and turns in the story. Yes, we are talking about the Sasural Simar Ka 2 serial which will come today with numerous incidents and exciting situations. So let’s have a brief article on it with an amazing and entertaining written update.

(SSK2) Sasural Simar Ka 2 26th August 2021

The episode starts with Simar and Aarav when Sinar praying for her father. She saying that he is a good-hearted person and a pure soul. So why all the situation is happening with him. She gets so upset and sad when she saying all this. She asks him to free her papa from jail and humiliation. While Aarav prays that may simar’s all prayers and wishes come true. Simar prays that may her father be released from jail.

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On the next side, Chitra enters Aditi’s room and locks herself. Chitra looks stressed and thinking about something. Aditi asks what happened to her and why she is looking so depressed. Chitra tells her that Gagan and Simar went to Badi Maa and asks for giving them one more chance. But unfortunately, Badi Maa did not give the chance and even insulting both of them.

She tells that she is getting stressed because she doesn’t know how to handle this situation and solve the problem of Simar & Gagan. Aditi says she can’t wait and try to find out a solution to this problem.

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Another problem comes in the family when Badi Maa warns Indu. Badi Maa says your kids are bad and you can’t handle your kids. Teach them about obey and how to behave well. Simar tries to cover her head with a dupatta.

Aarav helps her cover her head and he looks at her. Suddenly a song plays in the background which is Maahi Ve…, the whole family celebrating Janmashtami festival and decorating the house for the occasion. Simar asks god to give darshan and bless her father. She also prays that may her father released from jail and comes home.


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